Blizzard bags disappear leaving students with chilly fun


Max Fritzhand

On Mon. SHS had a calamity day because of inclement weather. The snow on the ground caused hazardous driving conditions. It was also extremely cold outside. Image by Max Fritzhand

Max Fritzhand

SHS had its first official snow day of the school year on Nov. 17. The superintendent, Dr. Adrienne James, announced that school would have a 90 minute delay, at 7:09 a.m. she finally changed that to no school.

Students relaxed and enjoyed the day off playing in the snow, while some were assigned homework. In AP Psychology, students have a syllabus for the entire month. With that syllabus, they were able to get their homework done ahead of time.

“I like snow days, because I can hang with friends and go sledding,” junior Max Brown said.

According to Fox19, Cincinnati had around 4.5” inches of snow, with the temperature being around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Sycamore rival school, Mason, had school.

“I don’t like blizzard bags, it takes up too much time,” sophomore Caroline Veraldo said.

Blizzard bags were implemented last year by the state. Blizzard bags are homework assigned electronically on a snow day. Teachers may even assign a project as a blizzard bag.

This year blizzard bags will not be implemented because OH is on hours and not days. In addition, Sycamore puts in more than the required hours each day.

“I still got assigned homework even on a snow day,” junior Tim De Boer said.