Students anticipate exams after winter break


Nathan Zhang

Most teachers at SHS use scan-trons for exams. In the past, most schools in Ohio have taken semester exams after winter break. However, most schools have made the decision to move semester exams to before winter break, unlike SHS.

Nathan Zhang

Winter break is a time for enjoying your time and going on vacation. It is not usually thought of as a time to study for semester exams.

As SHS approaches the end of the first semester, students prepare to take semester exams. However, unlike most High Schools in Ohio, SHS will be taking their exams after winter break. This is more than just unappealing for students.

“I don’t like the idea that exams are after winter break. I mean seriously, who wants to study over a two-week break that you could use to spend time with family and friends?” freshman Max Snyder said.

Snyder is a student who is currently taking five accelerated classes. This means that he has to study even more than he already must.

“Another problem I have with exams being after winter break is that with such a long break, students could easily forget what they learned previously,” Snyder said.

Forgetfulness is a huge problem for students who anticipate big tests and exams. Now, with exams being after a two-week break, it will become an even greater problem.

“All these other schools like Mason have their exams before winter break. I see no reason as to why we can’t have that too,” Snyder said.

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