Swimming dives off the blocks


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Senior Mark Hancher will be competing on Varsity for his fourth year. Swimming since freshman year gives him a big responsibility to lead the team and be an example. Hancher was a big part of the team his junior year competing in the State meet.

Ethan May

The swim team is now a full week into their season. Tryouts are over and at the end, two freshmen made the Varsity team this year due to the small 2014 graduating class.

Only having two freshmen is unusual for the team where as in previous years the team has had up to eight.

“The small freshmen class is going to be a big change this year but I think it will be a good one for our team. It will allow us to be closer and bond tighter,” junior Christopher Seger said.

Swimmers are turning their attention toward the changes in this upcoming season. The team will now swim their travel meet in Toledo instead of Canton like they have in previous seasons.

“Canton was a really fun meet and I am a little disappointed that we will not be going back, but it is also exciting to try a new meet,” sophomore Matthew Schuetz said.

The team will be competing in 3 high level meets, before championships,  held at various colleges across the Midwest. They will be swimming at University of Louisville, Bowling Green State University and Toledo University.

“I think it will be good to swim at the colleges we are going to attend, they are extremely fast pools,” senior Rick Niu said.

With so many changes in the meet schedule the team will have to adjust in order to swim their fastest.