Hong swims lanes


Essie Lee

Stephanie Hong (closest) stands in position on the starting block for her 200 free race. She’s 13 and swimming at Keating Natatorium at St. Xavier.

Leah Wallihan

Freshman Stephanie Hong tried out for the swimming team on Nov 10 and made the JV team.  For Hong, swimming is not just a sport, but something more important.

How did you prepare for tryouts?

Well I was in water polo, so I kind of cross trained.

Did you do any swimming outside of water polo? When?

 Well I was on club teams for six years when I was 7-12.  I actually switched around three different teams in the six years.

What about the past two years?

I quit club swimming in the winter before I turned 13, but I decided to go back to swimming last summer.  Currently I’m not swimming as much as I used to though.  I’m in BASH (Blue Ash) swim team over the summer, and I just do school swimming over the school year.

Why did you quit and what made you come back?

Well the quitting thing was pretty much decided by my parents.  At the time my life was pretty much swimming and school, so they wanted me to take a break and focus on other things as well.  I decided to come back last summer because I missed swimming so much, and over the summer I really wanted to be active rather than sit around on a couch all day.