Bengals visit New Orleans


New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton calls out plays to his team in a game last season. Payton bought 100 Devon Still jerseys to support his daughter Leah who has pediatric cancer. Still got a chance to meet and thank Payton on Sunday Nov. 16 after a game between the Bengals and the Saints. Photo by MCT

A story that touched many hearts quickly turned into a well-known, national story. It all started when 25 year-old defensive tackle Devon Still was on the verge of being cut by the Cincinnati Bengals.

The front office thought it through and decided to keep Still on the roster to keep his family financially stable so they could have enough money for his young daughter, Leah Still, who has been battling cancer.

“The team should be more lenient toward Still,” said sophomore Josh Rosen. “They have to know that he may not be there everyday. When he does come, he should give his all: 100%”

Millions of people became familiar with Still’s story and began to support Leah in her fight against pediatric cancer. The NFL even made it available to buy Still’s jersey online and have the proceeds go to research for pediatric cancer.

“Still should feel relieved,” said senior Ben Gawin. “All of these people standing behind him and his daughter is awesome to see.”

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton bought 100 of Still’s jerseys to contribute to pediatric cancer research. His jersey is ranked 11th on the list of top selling NFL jerseys in front of names like Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson, and Andrew Luck

On Sunday Nov. 16, the Bengals traveled to New Orleans to play the Saints. Cincinnati defeated the Saints 27-10. Still never got a chance to get in the game, but afterward he had the opportunity to meet up with Payton at midfield to thank him.

Still tweeted on Friday Nov. 14: “Every time my daughter tells me to get fired so I can come back to Delaware with her it rips me apart”