Lay-ups for Lauren comes to SHS


Alex Wittenbaum

Layup 4 Lauren is an event to help spread awareness of the fight that Mount St. Joseph basketball player Lauren Hill has had to endure. SHS will host the benefit during all three lunch periods on Tues. Nov. 24. Donations will be taken to help find a cure for this deadly cancer.

On Tues. Nov. 25, SHS will host a benefit during lunch time for Lauren Hill, the basketball player for Mount St. Joseph University that was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

The Interact Club and Student Athletic Leadership Team (SALT) will host the event during all three lunches in the gymnasium. Entry requires a monetary donation, and the donations will go to The Cure Starts Now!

“When I heard about Layups for Lauren, I immediately became interested. I love to do anything that can help to find a cure for cancer. I envy Lauren because she is a fighter on and off of the court,” senior Adam Dock said.

The event will help SHS students learn about Hill’s story and will raise awareness for brain cancer and the troubles it can cause people.

Tues. Nov. 25 will be a “grey out” at SHS to support the event. Students will be encouraged to wear grey to represent Hill and her fight against cancer.

“I will definitely be wearing grey to support Lauren. She is a real inspiration, and we all should strive to fight and live like she does,” sophomore Noah Stern said.