Flyerettes: Prepping into basketball season


The SHS Flyerettes are performing at the Variety Show on Sept. 26. This was the team’s first performance of the school year. They perform at every home basketball game during pregame and halftime. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Lauren Kurtzer, Feature chief

   Although a winter sport, SHS’ dance team is given several performances before winter sports come up but ask any team member and they look forward to basketball since there are eight games .

“We only have eight times to show fans and our peers what we do best,” sophomore Hannah Young said.

Being Young’s second year on the team she saw her first season consist of 14 home games to dance at.

“I think [having fewer games] it gives us a chance to perfect and come up with better dances and not have to repeat any,” said Young. “It makes us want to work harder.”

While there is more concentration on the limited amount of performances they have, the team acknowledges that there is less time to prove themselves to the school.

“I think it is a lot nicer being spread out like that. It gives us a lot more opportunity to perfect the routines before performing them,” junior Calista Robbins said.

The team of 13, with seven new members debuting on the court on Dec. 9 believe they need to show their work paying off, but know that they have all year rather than one time.

“Each game that we do is really important, it is showing who we are and what we can get done,” freshman Gabrielle Davis said.

“I think no matter the amount of games each should be as important as the other,” Young said.