Homecoming causes dancing nerves

Will he ask me? Does he even like me like that? As nerve wrecking as it is to be a girl around Homecoming time the pressure is really on for the boys of Sycamore High School.  For some guys it’s the fact that they’re way too shy to ask a girl out to homecoming and for others it’s coming up with an idea about how to ask that special girl to homecoming.

When it comes to asking that special girl out to homecoming don’t be afraid to think out of the box and do something extremely creative. However proposing to someone in public that you’re not too sure about may not be the best idea. Shape your proposal to fit around the girl you’re proposing to.

If she’s on a sports team then do something related to the sport, if she’s a huge nerd for a certain subject use that for your base. But if you can’t come up with anything a simple proposal maybe the best option you have. But be sure to act confident (even if you aren’t) and ask away.

Don’t be around the bush, you’re there to ask her one thing; will you go to homecoming with me?