Texting app terrifies students


Beverly Liu

Texting on the iPhone allows the other person to view when you are typing. The new application, Beam, allows you to see exactly what the other person is typing. This includes when they delete words or add them.

  Though texting feels instant, it is not. Everyone composes, recomposes, thinks better of it and deletes.

Beam is a new texting app with a simple hook that feels revolutionary, and not necessarily in a good way. It shows you everything the other person is typing as they type it, and vice versa.

“I would not download this app because I wouldn’t want someone seeing what I’m thinking especially if I accidently said something I would regret,” sophomore Sarita Evans said.

Suddenly, texting looks less like an exchange of letters and more like a co-edited Google Doc.

“Beam Messenger is a first of its kind True Real Time communications app,” reads the company’s website. “It allows for instant typing and transmission of text. Erase messages in real time or interrupt your friend to say ‘you’ve heard the story before’!”

“I think having my friends or even my parents seeing what I type would be terrifying,” sophomore Connor Jarrett said.

While the app is only available for Andriod, the iOS version of Beam is coming soon, according to the official website.