Despite frigid temperatures band brings home first place


Drum majors from all of the participating bands stand in line for awards. The band claimed first in their class, multiple section awards, and second overall. Despite terrible weather this competition was a huge confidence booster and a vision toward championships. Photo courtesy of Natalie Brinkman.

It was a blistery and windy day at the Western Brown Midstates, but that did not prevent the marching band and color guard from claiming victory.

“It was great. We got first in our class and second overall champions,” sophomore Chelsea Kinney said.

They placed first in their class, received best percussion, best overall general affect (an award pertaining to the color guard), and best music. On top of all that, they also won reserve champions below an open class marching band.

It is frustrating to have to deal with elements outside of the normal nervousness, but the weather was not getting in their way. It pushed them to succeed and beat the odds.

They have had an unlucky streak with bad weather, and with still one more competition left, they have learned to expect the unexpected.

“I am so proud of the guard’s persistence and putting up with weather,” junior Dahlia Rapoport said.

Persistence is key when bad weather hits, and with it confidence is gained to throw on a smile for a performance in any weather.  It even snowed a little while they practiced.

“I’m pleasantly surprised about how well we powered through the elements and stuck together as a team!,” freshman Natalie DeMarks said.

Working through the weather and keeping up a smile helps add to your overall effect, and show the judges you are prepared for the very worst.