Championships marks the close to Marching band season


All the flags of the season. This year the show contained four different flags, as well as riffles and brightly colored ribbons. The rough weather this year caused for many wet flags needing to be dried. Photo Courtesy of Natalie Brinkman.

The last competition for the marching band and color guard has come to a close. This was their second time preforming at Mason High school, this time for the Midstates Championships.

This particular competition, like many others, was an all-day affair for the color guard lasting from 9:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night.

It was a successful day, the first performance allowed them to receive sixth place out of sixteen bands in the 4A class, with a total score of 77.5. This resulted in a second performance at finals.

During finals, the very last run through of the show for the band, now out of ten bands,  they remained at sixth place, there score actually decreasing by 0.10.

“I thought it was bittersweet, it was the end of a really long season, but it was bitter because for many it was their last competition,” sophomore Alejandra Bello said.

For the seniors, this was their last high school marching band season, which caused both a sad and happy moment.

“I think that last performance we left it all on the field, and I really could not be prouder of everyone in the guard for everything they’ve done,” senior Annie Schoen said.

Concluding the season, the marching band will now be going to Disney to perform in the parade and go to clinics.

“I am so proud of how we have grown over these last seven months. Disney is a well-deserved prize to a successful season,” freshman Kate Willis said.

For some it has been a long four months and for others it has been quick, but the best reward to a tough season will be the trip to Disney.

“It has been a long, hard road, but we made it,” senior Diamond Caulton said.