Flags fly back in IMC

Neil Yejjey


The flags in the IMC have returned.  The flags that commemorate the nations that the student body comes have been a staple in the school for years.

Its nice viewing flags of different counties that people come from” sophomore Regis Liou said.

The flags have been a staple at SHS for quite a while and symbolize the pride that several student’s nations.  Two american flags have been placed this time around to instill pride in America.  Freshman might be taken aback by these flags, but it truly does put pride in countries that the students are from.

“I never knew that these flags existed, but I really love them” freshman Myron Williams said.

Principal Mader initially removed the flags to make space for the small renovation of SHS.  This also provided a fuller view of the IMC, but it always felt empty according to some students.

“The IMC always looked full when the flags were erected, but when they were removed the area just felt empty. I’m really happy that they put the flags back.” Sophomore Jonah Kim said.


Photo courtesy of Neil Yejjey The flags as they are now at the IMC. There is another US flag that lies parallel to the one in the picture. The flags are quite a sight to behold.