Students seek extracurricular activities


One of the sports that SHS has to offer is the Academic Quiz Team. Members on that team say it has brought great experiences. Spending the time is definitely worth it. Photo Courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

As the school year progresses, the stress students feel builds, especially when students take on as many as seven extracurricular activities at once.

“I know that being in clubs and activities will help in the long run, although the stress from doing so many things is weighing down a lot right now,” junior Nora Dukart said.

There are several ways students can become involved. One way is to play sports. Sports are offered during the fall, winter, and spring season. Others take a part in the variety of clubs that SHS has to offer.

A few of the 53 clubs SHS offers are:

  • Stepping Out Club
  • Latin Club
  • Unified for Uganda
  • Biology Club
  • Interfaith Club

“You will never know what taking a part in all of these things might lead to, there may be a great opportunity waiting in the future,” senior Talia Bailes said.

A lot of students also take part in activities not involved with the school. It may seem at times hard to balance a variety of things, but students say it is worth it.

“I don’t see the negative side of doing a lot of activities; they will only bring you greater chances of success in the future,” freshman Kaitlyn Jiang said.

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