Fall fashion trends


Photo courtesy of Jack Loon

This is your typical pair of converse sneakers. You can find these on the feet of many different students. Converse sneakers are also able to be worn by both boys and girls.

Neil yejjey

Now that its getting colder you see less and less people wearing shorts and sandals. On the boys side you may see more guys wearing sweatpants and hoodies as well as the guys who try to dress better wearing khakis, jeans, sweaters and jackets. “I love wearing sweatpants; they’re warm, comfortable and I really don’t care about how they look” junior Rohan D’Souza said.


Another thing is that converse sneakers have been showing up on both genders feet lately. “I think they’re stylish and comfortable” sophomore Regis Liou says. In fact converse sneakers come in many colors and styles, as well as vans which are much like converse as well. Both go along with many outfits and both are very affordable at $40-$60 depending on the type.


The popular brands from the last few years are still the same. Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle still remain on top for those who like to dress preppy. Nike, Adidas and Jordan brand remain the most popular for the more athletically dressed people. However these brands are much more expensive than vans or converse, as your average hollister jeans will cost you $60-$80. And your average pair of Nikes or Jordans will set you back about $100.