Ebola breaks American borders


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The current outbreak is the most intense and most widespread outbreak in history. There is no vaccine to prevent Ebola. It is unknown if animals can or cannot catch the virus.

Ebola. Do I have your attention now? There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about this disease that has been going around for a while now. But it has now reached our attention because it has now reached our borders.Let me help you clear up some of your questions that you may have about this virus. Ebola can only be transmitted through bodily fluids. That only means sweat, tears, blood, salvia and a few other fluids our body produces.

So no you cannot get it from breathing the same air as someone who has the virus. You can also only get it if the person has symptoms so if they are infected and are within the first week of having the virus they cannot infect you. Now you may be asking; well then what are the symptoms? Within seven through nine days of having the virus you will have headache, fatigue, fever, and muscle soreness. This may very well sound like flu or a simple cold.

But wait until it starts running its course through your body. At day ten sudden high fever, vomiting blood and passive behavior.It gets even worse however as you reach day eleven when bruising, brain damage, and bleeding from the nose, mouth, eyes and anus occurs. “I know that you bleed from your eyes, I don’t want to die,” Sydney Pattison, 11, said.

Yes, you heard me correctly. But if that doesn’t sound bad enough for you. This is the final day’s symptoms: loss of consciousness, seizures, massive internal bleeding, and death.

Ebola is a deadly disease but if the correct protocol is followed the general health of the public is not at risk.