LGBTQ community fights against discrimination in the workplace


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4% of the U.S. workforce identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. 21% of LGBT employees have reported having been discriminated against in hiring, promotions and pay. 21 states legally ban such discrimination.

Kamaria Walton, Staff Writer

You worked all summer long to get the credits, missed many of your social events and sport practices because you are doing everything in your ability to get your dream job. You go in to get interviewed, you believe that you did well.

But they do not hire you. Simply because of your sexuality. It is not as popular a topic as same-sex marriage but it is a real struggle for members of the LGBT community that has to face not getting a certain job because they love someone.

In only twenty-nine of the fifty states is there a law that protects these individuals from not being hired or being fired because of their sexual orientation and thirty-two based on gender identity. Ohio is not one of them.

That means in many states if you are a member of the LGBT community you can get married but you can still get fired from your job for doing so. Instead of focusing all of our energy on same-sex marriage perhaps we should look at the more pressing issue.

Now, one is not to say that being able to get married is not important but having a solid job to have money to be able to provide for yourself seems a bit more important. Get informed about what you can do for this issue.

Three times over the past couple of decades Ohio has been flip-flopping between the LGBT community having rights in the workplace and them not having any. So, who says that one can’t raise the issue once more?