Students have hard time choosing right college


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Seventy three percent of students attend all types of public colleges and universities. One of the fastest growing degrees is in park, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies. During a 10-year period, the number of students earning degrees in this major (31,667) jumped 92 percent.

Kamaria Walton, Staff Writer

Unless you have had the college of your dreams in your mind for a while, choosing the right college can be difficult and stressful. Some quick and easy tips that can be used to ease the process.

Surroundings: Is this college in a college type town/city? Think about the crime rates and how far away your classes might be. Basically anything that may make your daily routine harder.

Family/Friends: Are you ready to move far away from your family? Are your close friends attending a close college? Some people are not emotionally ready to move away from their family and friends. Maybe consider a local college.

GPA: All of one’s hard work and effort put into these four years are reflected in the GPA earned at the end of one’s high school career. Go to a college that has students of the same ability level. If you have a 4.0 do not attend a 3.0 college.

Sports: Attending a division one school it is probably a good idea to look at what division the college is. But also think about what division you would both prosper in and be challenged by.

Do not let the stress of choosing a college stress you out too much. Though it may affect your life moving forward, it will not ruin your life no matter which college you choose.