Season comes to close for girls runners


Rose Menyhert, 12, competes at the District championships at Voice of America Park in Mason. Menyhert finished in third overall. She will race at Regionals and must place in the top 16 there in order to advance to State. Photo Courtesy of Becky Menyhert.

As a result of a sixth place finish at the District championships, the girls cross country team’s season has officially finished. In order to advance to Regionals, the team needed to finish in fourth or better.

The majority of the Varsity team, comprised of Rose Menyert, 12, Jodie Lawson, 9, Allison Kossen, 10, Megan Rogge, 12, Ellen Martinson, 12, Jessica Hobart, 12, and Julia Mattis, 12, earned new season personal records.  For four of the Seniors, it was the last race of their cross country career.

“It was disappointing that we didn’t make it, but we definitely gave a valiant effort,” Hobart said.

SHS ran in the division one district B race, which 14 other teams competed in. Based on rankings, coaches got to pick which race they would rather run in, A or B.

The top teams in the B race were as follows:

  1. Lakota West
  2. Walnut Hills
  3. Lakota East
  4. Ursula
  5. Seton
  6. Sycamore

However, one runner, Rose Menyhert, 12, will advance to the Regional championships because of a third place finish at Districts. In order to advance to the State championships, Menyhert will need to finish in the top 16.

“The last time [Menyhert] advanced to State was freshmen year. I think it would be great if she could do it again,” said Hobart.

The race will be held in Troy on Oct. 25.

“We’re definitely going to cheer her on,” said Hobart.

For the full results from the District championships, click here.