Students need to catch more sleep


Photo courtesy of Neil Yejjey

A typical example of students sleeping in class. I was writing an assignment and ended up falling asleep due to staying up too late. “I like school ending earlier, so I would rather school keep their times the same” sophomore Brandon Gillespie said

Neil Yejjey

It has been a commonly debated issue that students attending high school need more sleep.  The start time of most high schools is consistently around 7:00am and they end around 2:00pm.  The main issue when it comes to changing start times are athletic events, if one school is to change times that means every school in the conference must change times to account for the time change.

A solution that has been commonly put out is for students to sleep earlier or manage their time wisely.  It is a well-known fact that students tend to drift off and check their phone for a while during their study sessions.

“I tend to check instagram for about an hour while i study, which really makes my study sessions longer” freshman Garrett Lockwood said.

Also there has been consideration to flip around the times of the schools in the district.  For example the elementary school times (8:30-3:30) become the high school times and the high school times (7:30-3:30) become the new elementary school times as young kids are up early anyways.  The middle school times remain the same however.

“I think that switching times would be very useful, it would give me a lot more time to study in the morning and sleep as well” sophomore Mitchell Abrams said.