Q&A with senior Sneha Rajagopal on Contemporary Francophone Studies


Unlike AP French, Contemporary Francophone Studies focuses much more on French culture. “As seniors, we took AP French last year and are now taking Contemporary Francophone Studies. However, all the juniors will now take French IV, Contemporary Francophone Studies, and then AP French,” said senior Jessica Hobart. Photo courtesy of Sneha Rajagopal

Atiya Dosani, Print Editor-in-Chief

Why did you decide to take this class after completing AP French?

I wanted to continue learning French, especially more about French culture and contemporary news.


What is different about it than AP French?

We do less with grammar and focus more on news from French-speaking countries. We also talk more about the actual customs of French-speaking countries.


What is your favorite part of the class?

I really like it every other Friday when two people present their countries and bring in food from that place to share.


Do you plan to continue your French education beyond SHS?

Since I have come this far in French, I think I would like to continue learning in college to become fluent. It’s also nice that I earned AP credit last year so I will be able to skip introductory courses in college.