Trivia crack game grows in popularity


Trivia Crack is currently the most popular app on the App Store. It is a trivia game where people can compete against their friends. Much of the student body has begun to play it. (PHOTO BY JACK LOON)

vrSince early Dec., a new trivia game called “Trivia Crack,” has grown extremely popular with the student body, as well as the world.

Trivia Crack is a game in which players can play against their Facebook friends, to see who has a better general knowledge of facts. Questions are usually divided into six different categories: sports, entertainment, art, geography, history, or science.

The game allows people to interact with their friends and peers, while simultaneously enjoying playing the game.

“I think Trivia Crack is fun because it allows you to not only play a game, but interact and compete with your friends,” said sophomore Jacob Spiegel.

The free application is now number one on the US App Store (Apple), and is growing very quickly in popularity.