Five Nights at Freddy’s terrifies students

A new mobile game entitled Five Nights at Freddies is taking the mobile world by storm.  The premise is that the player acts as a security guard in a Chuck E Cheese esque family pizzeria.  The catch however, is that the animation animals that entertain the guests in the daytime are left in a “free roaming mode”.

“I love to be scared and the terrifying nature of this game is perfect for me” freshman Grayson Thornberry said.

The game has taken the student community by storm, and is not looking to stop yet.  The game costs three dollars on any mobile platform and five dollars on the computer version.

“I hate this game but I can’t stop myself from playing it” senior Reed Bie said.

There is a prequel to the game set to be released next year entitled Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.  The demo for the prequel has been released in October. The game is said to explain some of the vague backstory.