Cincinnati police officers get new view on crime


MCT Photo

Police officers around the nation are starting to wear body cameras. There are several different types, which can be worn multiple different ways. Over the ear, attached to a hat, or worn along a belt.

Cincinnati police officers are always trying new things to ensure the safety of the people, this time it is hidden body cameras that can record sound and video for up to five hours.

These new cameras not only bring up concerns over the privacy of citizens, but also whether or not introducing and relying on new technologies is effective.  Under current laws, all the viewings of these videos will be public.

The results with the various police officers trying them out were generally positive, however for some they were not.

“A test period for body cameras by Cincinnati police officers is over, and Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said it was so successful he wants all of the force’s 600 uniformed officers to wear cameras,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Cincinnati is not the only city to start thinking about using this technology; all around the U.S. more and more cities are using body cameras.

“President Obama is calling for the federal government to provide $263 million in federal funding for body cameras and training for local police departments throughout the United States,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

There are many instances where these could deem useful, a perfect example would be in Ferguson, Missouri. If the police officer was wearing one of these, there would not be disbelief because it would have documented for all to see.

The police department has decided that the two best choices are Taser Axon Body Camera and the VieVu LE3 Body Camera. One record shows that systems by Taser can run up to 2.2 million dollars.

“West Side officers tested the cameras for seven months. Blackwell said the officers were skeptical at first but ended up seeing the need,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

These may or may not eventually spread large scale across the nation, but the debate over privacy versus security will continue to climb. Body cameras have their advantages and disadvantages just like any new piece of technology