Leaf launches sports Twitter page


Alex Wittenbaum

@SHSLeafSports will provide followers with instant sports updates for all SHS sports. Senior Alex Wittenbaum, and sophomore David Wertheim organize and run the page. Users that tweet with the hash tag #LeafSports will be retweeted by the page.

In addition to daily articles being posted online at SHSLeaf.org, the sports team for The Leaf will now tweet from @SHSLeafSports on Twitter.

The new page provides up to the minute sports scores and updates for all teams at SHS. It also features links to new articles published on SHSLeaf.org written by The Leaf sports writers.

“It is an automatic follow up for any SHS sports fan. A cool resource to find out what is going on in the SHS sports world,” senior Caleb Ferrell said.

Twitter users can tweet at with hash tag #LeafSports if they want to have their score, update, or article retweeted by @SHSLeafSports

“Since tennis is not a very popular spectator sport to non tennis fans, it will be nice to use the hash tag so that The Leaf Sports twitter page can retweet my coaches’ score updates, and people will know our results,” sophomore Noah Stern said.

The page was made on Dec. 1 2014, and it already has 40 followers. This page will be the ultimate resource for SHS sports scores, and will provide people with instant updates once an event concludes.

“It is very cool to finally see something like this for our school. It will be nice to view the basketball scores since I cannot make it to every game,” said Ferrell.