Do students prepare for exams during break?


MCT Direct

“Having no school just before exams is also very inconvenient. If we aren’t in school, we can forget a lot of important information that is on the exams. I hope that next year, studying will be less of a challenge for us.” said Idelman.

With a two week gap for the holidays, students spend their days vacationing, having fun with friends and family, and relaxing. However, scheduled just a week after the break comes to a close are exams.

“The point of a break is to rest your mind and have enjoyable holidays, but as students it becomes difficult because of exam anxiety and stress in the back of our minds.” said freshman, Keren Idelman.

Exams are purposefully scheduled after break because it is thought that students will have free time to easily study for exams while off of school.

“I normally get things done ahead of time because I want to do well, but because the timing of exams is still a bit far from winter break, I tend not to focus on studying like I should.” said Idelman.

Next year, exam week has been scheduled for before the holiday break commences, this change has been made regarding complaints about the current calendar.

“I think that will be better for students.” said Idelman, “If we get going on exams early on, we can fully relax over break without exam pressure still on our shoulders.”