Five Nights at Freddy’s is back to horrify students


Photo courtesy of Neil Yejjey This is a scenario in which an animatronic character is approaching the players’ doors. The player is given access to the cameras throughout the facility in order to monitor the progress of several animatronics. If the animatronic arrives at the door without the player warding it off using the scarce tools at their disposal, the character comes in and promptly ends their night with a jump scare

Neil Yejjey, Staff Writer

Five Nights at Freddy’s is back, and this time it is on a much larger stage.  The gameplay involves a new protagonist acting as a night watchman at fictional Freddy Fazbears pizza; however the animatronics are “alive”.

The animatronic characters roam the premises at night from 12am to 6am. There are no doors for the player to close in order to block out the characters, so they must rely their wit, cameras, flashlight and a mask in a characters likeness in order to fool the robots.

“I love to be scared and the terrifying nature of this game is perfect for me, but also the sequel is much scarier.” freshman Grayson Thornberry said.

The sequel has taken the student community by storm once again, and is not looking to stop yet.  The game costs a dollar on any mobile platform and three dollars on the computer version, which has many more features and better graphics than their mobile counterpart.

“It is a crazy scary game, but its awesome” senior Naveen Viswanath said.

Another sequel, entitled “Five Nights at Freddy’s 3” is set to release sometime in February of this year.  The specifics of the new game are very vague and unknown at this time.  The only promotional material made by the creator of the game is a seeming black screen which read “offline.”  Upon brightening the image a large yellow “3” is present.

“I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel,  I have bought every game so far and I am an avid fan of the entire series, words cannot express my excitement for the sequel.” freshman Rohith Gattu said.

Neil Yejjey