‘We exceeded our expectations’


Flyerettes coach Brittany Grecco is explaining a part of a dance to keep the team looking together. The team has their first game on Tues. Dec. 9 at 7:30 p.m. They have been learning three dances to perform at the next three games. Photo courtesy of Lauren Kurtzer.

Lauren Kurtzer, Feature chief

As SHS’ dance team starts basketball season, first year Coach Brittany Grecco of the Flyerettes reflects on the season so far and in the future.

Q: How did you become the Flyerettes coach?

A: It has always been something I am interested in but I never had the opportunity. When the previous coach, my sister Ashely McNamara, decided to leave I jumped on the opportunity and took things over.

Q: What is your background in dance?

A: I danced in junior high, high school, Miami University and I was an assistant coach at Kings High School . I was also a UDA (Universal Dance Association) instructor while in college.

Q:  What were and are your goals for the season?

A: I think the most important goal is us being proud of our accomplishments and setting goals that we want to achieve and achieving them.  Goals could be as little as everyone getting along, to as big as succeeding at competition and everything in between.

Q: How do you think the season has gone so far?

A: I think it has been good, we have exceeded own expectations because we had such a new team and everyone has worked really hard and improving throughout the season and we have come a long way.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the rest of the season?

A: We have a lot of performances coming up and we really need to focus, do our best and try to make every performance count since we only have eight total. We need to take one performance at a time but always be prepared for next one.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: I think that it has been a successful year so far, we are definitely on the right track. As long as we stay on that track we will have a successful season.