Students celebrate MLK day at the theater


MCT Photo

From left, Andrew Holland plays Andrew Young, David Oyelowo plays King, and Wendell Pierce plays Rev. Hosea Williams. It is up for best picture this year. So far, it has received a popular audience.

Jacob Englander, Staff Writer

This year, students experienced MLK Day differently.  “Selma”, a new film about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is now in theaters.  The film explores the march, led by King, from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, Alabama.

“I saw “Selma” the other day.  It was a very powerful piece, with a lot of emotion behind it.  The various speeches delivered by Dr. King were quite moving,” freshman Asa Hodrick said.

Beyond Selma itself, the movie goes into detail about all aspects of King’s life, both good and bad.  This included his family life, and how difficult his preaching was on them, especially his wife.

“I really enjoyed this movie.  It was quite different from anything I have seen recently, and was both upsetting and touching at the same time,” senior Brennon Shanks said.

The complicated relationship between King and President Lydon B. Johnson was prevalent throughout the movie, as well as the underlying tone that it was King who ran Johnson, and not the other way around.

“I would highly recommend seeing this movie,” freshman Jasmine Male said.