Green and Gold Covers SHS


Max Fritzhand

Sycamore’s project to alter the high school is going well. Workers have added wood railings to cover the concrete going all around the school. Students and faculty like the new shift to the green and gold walls. Photo by Max Fritzhand

Stepping through the halls when students and staff got back from break, they noticed a change in the interior of our every normal day to day routine. The atmosphere of SHS is starting to be more welcoming.


“Our school is finally getting what it deserves – an upgrade,” sophomore Ashley Greene said


In the IMC all the country flags were taken down. After all the flags were gone, the remaining was just concrete. Workers went to work and applied green and gold cushioning to the sides to give it an Aviator spirit feel.


All along the concrete stairs, they painted our schools colors: green and gold. The administration should have decided upon cushioning instead of the modern painting.


“I like it a lot. It gives more spirit to the school,” junior Tim Den Boer said.


More improvements are still making their way. The Spirit Shop is being moved to upstairs by the front office. The Journalism room is also planning on moving. Its so they can get updates faster.


“I thought that it didn’t look good and I thought it would already be finished since they had two weeks to do it,” sophomore Evan Weisser said.


Ever since Principal Doug Mader has stepped in this building, significant changes have been made. From renovating this building, to being available to every single student via twitter, as well as giving endless amounts of opportunities, Mader is a true leader of Sycamore.