Dart wars; five shot in Cincinnati restaurant


MCT Photo

Dart Wars will take place in the spring. Juniors, Seniors, and Sophomores are allowed to join. There is prize money involved.

Jacob Englander, Staff Writer

With the first trial of Dart Wars at Walnut Hills, controversy has risen.  After multiple teenagers were shot inside of a Panera, many are left asking, has this event gone too far?

“We were sitting there and other people were eating.  He came in, and we all screamed.  It was quite traumatic.  I got hit in the shoulder,” senior Ali Fisher said, one of four victims.

All but one of the team members got out within seconds, except for one student who escaped.  Everyone involved was immediately kicked out, and the police were called.  The team lost, as their outs were legal.

“A family with a baby was next to us and they started yelling, so once we fixed the table, we were forced to leave,” Fisher said.

All the same, Dart Wars is scheduled at SHS this year, though it isn’t officially endorsed.

“I’m really excited for Dart Wars,”freshman Jasmine Male said.