‘Better in green and gold’

Varsity girls basketball team plays for new teammate


Before the start of the game, junior post player Julia Copfer high-fives her teammates. Copfer is the team’s leading scorer, averaging over ten points per game, and helped the team defeat her old school, Loveland. Photo Courtesy of McDaniels Photography.

The girls linked arms, forming their usual huddle before the game. This contest against the Loveland Tigers, however, merited a very special pre-game speech from head coach Derek Christerson.

“With only a few left in the season, this game means a lot to us as a team. This game is even more special to one of our teammates. Let’s play for her,” Christerson said.

The teammate Christerson was referring to is junior Julia Copfer.

Copfer transferred from Loveland to Sycamore the summer before her junior year. After spending a few months here at SHS, Copfer considers it her new home-making Loveland her new rival.

With the intent of proving to Loveland how much Copfer brings to the team, the Lady Aves took the court with a newfound passion and intensity.

The girl’s defensive pressure put them ahead from the start, and SHS ended the half leading by seven points.

Loveland never recovered.

Breaking their six game losing streak, the Lady Aves came away with a 44-36 win on the Tiger’s Senior Night.

“I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team,” Copfer said. “I‘m so grateful for what my teammates did for me that night.”

Copfer herself had the majority of the team’s points in the last minutes of the fourth quarter, ensuring the victory against her old school.

“Everyone played so hard; it was an experience I will never forget,” Copfer said.

The Lady Aves take on F airfield on Wed. Feb. 4 and hope to play with the same focus and intensity of the Loveland rivalry game.

“Julia has been such a big contributor this season, we are so excited that we were able to pull out that win for her,” junior Taylor Miller said. “Besides, she looks better in green and gold.”