Cuteness ensues in Japan Fox Village


If you like foxes, forests, Japan, and adorableness, then you simply cannot go wrong at Fox Village. There are over 100 animals, including six types of foxes that roam freely in this Miyagi Mountain village. The village is free for tourists to explore.

Is there anything more adorable than a Japanese village overrun by foxes? Other than a sneezing panda, no. Zao “Fox Village” lies in the Miyagi Mountains near Shiroishi, and houses over 100 animals, including six different types of foxes.

“When I first heard about Fox Village, I was overwhelmed by the capacity of these foxes’ adorableness,” freshman Gabrielle Yun said.

In Fox Village, these remarkably cute creatures roam free in a preserve which visitors may enter. Foxes are highly respected in Japanese culture, and a visit to this village would be the highlight of anyone’s day.

Upon entering Fox Village, one can buy food to feed the foxes for 100 yen. It is recommended that one does not feed the foxes by hand, and the foxes located inside the cages are not to be fed.

“I just couldn’t handle how insanely lovable they were. They were so so so so so cute,” Yun said.

Not yet convinced of the adorable powers these cute little rascals possess? Close your eyes. Imagine you are standing in a misty forest, alone. You hear a high-pitched squeak in the distance and you turn to face the horror- a fox.

Your heart pounds in fear as the fox bounds toward you. You try to run, but he catches up. You look into his eyes and you think to yourself- THAT IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING I HAVE SEEN IN THE ENTIRETY OF MY LIFE.

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