SHS to get major changes this summer


Natalie Brinkman

Changes are being made all around the school. Noticeable changes made already are the new tables, the skins on the walls, and overall school spirit. This summer however, even more changes will be made.

Natalie Brinkman , Op/Ed Chief

Alterations around the school can already be seen, through both the building and the school spirit of students and staff alike.

This summer, however, the school will be undertaking more than $1 million dollars of changes. Projects include a new track, more special needs classrooms, renovating the IMC, upgrading the security system, and putting up a spirit shop in the commons.

The track will cost the most money, resurfaced for a total of $378,000. It has not been resurfaced for 15 years, the maximum lifespan for the rubber surfacing.

The high school’s special needs classrooms are growing and multiplying and naturally more space is needed. As well as updating the classrooms here, they are also adding another classroom in the house near the Greene School.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer,”The second classroom will be specialized to help the students work on life skills, such as cooking in a kitchenette, or on different classroom skills.”

A more secure system for allowing visitors in will also be put in place. This will be added to the  junior high and Greene school as well.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports, “With the secure doors, visitors will have to go through a system of buzzers to get into the buildings.”

The IMC will be renovated and changed to fit the evolving demands of the students, making it a better fit for the newly technological-based school.

“It is going to be more mobile to really address the curriculum needs of our students and current learning versus how libraries and media centers were set up previously,” Chad Lewis, Director of Business Operations, said.

These changes are all going on at once because the tools, labor, and resources are very similar. It is easier than doing it bit by bit.

The objective is to have the building completed by the upcoming school year and judging by the sounds of power tools and the noticeable progress around the halls, it is a realistic goal.

A video with Mr. Mader talking about these changes can be found here: