Oh the places you’ll go; Dr. Sun tells life story


Jacob Englander

Dr. Sun explains acne to teenagers. This event took place February 13, 2015. He and his family now live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lucky Chinese 4 and AP students got to hear P&G’s Head of Cosmetics speak on his many experiences.  Originally, a PHD in microbiology, Sun’s story is one that follows many paths.

“I got my PhD at Kings College, but what I do now has little to do with that.  I have traveled to Bangkok, Budapest, Prague, and London for P&G, and enjoyed the food everywhere,” Sun said.

Beyond his career, Sun spoke most of his love for hiking and food.

“It was really great, getting to hear Dr. Sun speak.  His stories were really interesting, and it’s good to know a major doesn’t determine the course of your life,” junior Chris Seger said.

One of the stories he told was that of cooperation with the Center for Disease Control.

“Here I was, in Bangladesh, working to combat diarrhea.  In college, all I wanted to do was microbiology.  Back then, I never thought I’d be where I am now,” Sun said.

After he finished speaking, he also answered any questions students may have had, often in Mandarin.

“It was a great honor to have Dr. Sun here today.  I hope my students learned a lot today, because I certainly did,” Teacher Ning Zhang said.