Standardized testing overloads

Emily Chien, Staff Writer

With multiple assessment dates ahead, students, teachers and administrators alike dread the upcoming setbacks that the PARCC and OGT  tests will cause.

In fact, Dr. Adrian James, superintendent, has even sent a formal complaint to the Ohio Board of Education, expressing her concerns about the multitude of problems that the testing creates.

”Unfortunately, the amount of state testing required has truly impacted and interfered with time needed to provide a high-quality education,” said James.

Affecting mostly freshman and sophomores, these state mandated tests will fill March with block schedules. Not only will this slow academic progress in regular classes, the tests will fill student’s days with hours and hours of examinations.

“I doubt that there is any other industry where so many state mandated changes have been issued with such little guidance, foresight, and input from appropriate people in the field,” said James.

The deemed inappropriate state testing has put a great strain on teachers. They must study and teach students about the new testing material in short amounts of time meant to be spent on teaching quality lessons.

“The public school system has been jerked from one notion to another, requiring so much time and attention that districts are left with no time to address internal needs. And sadly, bearing the brunt of it all are the children,” said James.