Freezing temperatures hit


The snow plows have been working not stop to keep the roads clean. Yet random burst of snow are continuing to occur. Ice is also a hazard in certain areas. Photo by Rujula Kapoor

Rujula Kapoor

Hazardous weather in Cincinnati causes large problem.

After a mere 1-2” snowfall hit Blue Ash and Montgomery there is still a very bitter cold gripping the area. There have been issued a frost warning in the area.

“ I personally don’t mind the cold weather I think cold weather is more comfortable,”, sophomore Malihia Mashoi said.

The high temperature for Wed.  is said to be 12 degrees and wind chills will make it feel up to -10 degrees below freezing  .

“The only way I can deal with the cold weather is when we have a snow day the next day” sophomore Sara Lu said.

Frost bite could be a large issue especially for children who wait outside for the bus to come. Wind is the main culprit of such freezing temperatures.

“I don’t really care about cold weather except when I have to wait on the bus stop” sophomore Akshara Kapoor said.

Here are some ways to protect yourself from frostbite:

The weather situation is said to be getting better as temperatures begin to warm up by Fri., however ,the cold remains still mid next week.