Local bridge collapse causes turmoil


I 75 is one of the most used highways in the Cincinnati area. With it out of service travel has become much more difficult. It has also effected traffic in the Kentucky area. Photo by MTC

Rujula Kapoor

One man was killed due to the collapse of an Overpass on I 75. Brandon Carl from Augusta, Kentucky on the Hopple Street Overpass.

The accident occurred on Tues. 10:30 p.m. while Carl was operating the Backhoe which is a type of construction equipment.

“I always thought that we were safe while driving on the road but I guess that’s not true,” said Sophomore Allison Ferdinand.

The accident also resulted with  a driver who encountered minor injuries. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and currently is not in life threatening conditions.

Traffic is now also experiencing several troubles. Traffic on I 75 is being diverted to I 74 West and I 74 inbound can be diverted to I 75 North. I 75 will not reopen till at least Wed.

“Yesterday at Ski Club we had to take a different route to get to Perfect North ,“said Sophomore Madeline Sykes.

    This is not the only bridge in the area in dire conditions the Brent Spence bridge was categorized in the same category as the overpass that fell.

“It is the cities job to make sure our roads are safe so it’s kind of upsetting that they  this happened, “said Sophomore Akshara Kapoor.