Student athletes’ dedication leads to successful season


Off season training in the form of cross country and winter track participation has helped prepare runners for the spring track season ahead. “The types of long distance runs we do during cross country are in many ways similar to those we do in spring track. winter track helps us get used to running on the track rather than the hills and paths we run on during cross country,” senior runner Adam Lucken said. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Long months of hard work, training, and brutal pre-season workouts have finally reached their conclusion, as tryouts for spring sports begin. The baseball team, softball team, boys tennis team, boys and girls track teams, and boys volleyball team are all beginning the arduous process of tryouts.

“Since there isn’t enough time to look at pitchers during tryouts, the pitchers on the baseball team have been coming in early to practice to let our coaches decide who will pitch. It also builds up the arm-strength we need to pitch five, six, or seven innings, and builds mental toughness as well,” junior Daniel Mills said.

Some students have utilized other sports to physically prepare themselves for the season ahead. For example, many of the athletes trying out for the boys and girls Spring Track teams have previously participated in both Cross Country and Winter Track.

“The fact that many of our runners run cross country and winter track definitely gives us a leg up during the spring track season, and leaves other schools struggling to make up for lost time,” senior runner Adam Lucken said.

Some spring sports, such as boys tennis and the baseball team, have steadfastly undergone harsh regiments of morning conditioning over the off season.

“It takes a lot of mental toughness to wake up at five in the morning, go to conditioning, and put forth your best effort. The boys that have been able to do that consistently during the offseason have proven to both me and coach that they are dedicated to making this team great,” said senior tennis player Nakul Narendran.

All of this training and conditioning serves to bond teammates and improve the teams as a whole.

“Morning conditioning both gets our guys into better shape and builds comradery. It’s a lot harder to give up on a tough match when you’ve built up mental toughness over the offseason,” boys tennis coach Michael Teets said.