Boys tennis season days from start


These are the new courts at SHS. This is the first time the boys tennis team will be using the seven courts for tryouts. Tryouts are in less than a week.

Jack Loon, Staff Writer

Boys tennis is beginning tryouts on Mon., Mar. 9. Tryouts are after school during the entire week of Mar. 9-Mar. 13. Coach Michael Teets is seeking a team which will repeat last season’s state championship.

“I’m extremely excited about the upcoming season as we have a lot of talented players who have been working their tails off in the off season,” said Teets.

Players trying out will either make the Varsity A team, the Varsity B team, the Junior Varsity (JV) team, or be cut. There will be approximately 28 people that will make the team: seven on A, nine on B, and 12 on JV.

“I am really excited for the season, but I am a little  nervous for tryouts,” said freshman Nikhil Sekar.

During tryouts, Teets will consider Gold Club (off season point system), conditioning and skill during tryouts. Players will take on other players and play one set (first to six games).

“Placement on the teams is based mostly on how players do in their challenge matches during tryouts.  However, we will also consider their effort and participation in the off season when we need to decide between players who have similar results during tryouts,” said Teets.

Directly after tryouts are over, players will learn what team they have made. Each player will individually meet with the coaches to find out what team they are on. The teams will begin practicing each day in the coming weeks. Matches start after spring break for B and JV, while the A team has matches begin during Spring Break. The A team will travel to tournaments in cities around the state such as Cleveland.