Rain encroaches spring’s approach



Winter snow stops, but with the newly warm weather rain comes. This weather change brings on health problems and with that crankiness. Fog and rain are expected with spring, but for those few days of beautiful weather, the rain is worth it. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Natalie Brinkman , Staff Writer

Just as the snow stops, the weather turns nice and a whole new set of problems arise:  rain and fog.

Say goodbye to the idea of finally getting to do outdoor activities because it looks like the rain is here to stay, but with the start of spring that is bound to happen.

“I’m stuck inside, so I eat a lot more than I should,” said freshman Emma Smith.

Fog is also expected, which puts a damper on driving and moods. It just makes everything worse.

“Whenever the weather changes, I usually get sick from the humidity levels changing. Although I do love the rain more than anything, it’s so relaxing and nice to just stand outside and listen to it,” said freshman Sarah Gilmore.

Much like the fog outside, our bodies are foggy from not being used to the change in time and change in weather. Headaches and allergy- like symptoms are normal.

“When the weather changes so does the temperature in my hands. I can be outside for two minutes and then go inside some place warm and two hours later my hands are still cold,” said sophomore Alejandra Bello.

The weather will lighten up, but if it does not, spring break is around the corner and it is not too late to book a trip to Florida.