Games approach: teams work to hone skills


“The snow on the softball field has melted, which is good for us. But with the continuous rain the field is nowhere close to being ready to play on,” sophomore Hannah Young said. Photo by McDaniel’s photography.

Hannah Frey, Feature Editor

The softball team’s first scrimmage is on March 19, at Ursuline. It starts at 4:30 pm and will end around 7:00. For the teams to be ready for this approaching date they have been scrimmaging the Varsity and JV teams during practice.

“I really enjoy doing the scrimmages for practice because it is more fun than just doing drills. Scrimmaging helps you apply the drills in a game situation,” freshman Jessica Fehr said.

While scrimmaging in the gym the players are expected to act like they would during a game. The coaches expect full intensity and if they do not get in full game mode the teams will be doing sprints.

“It is important that people take these practices seriously because if they do not our team will never be ready for a game,” senior Lydia Sloan said.

The softball teams first real game is scheduled for March 30, it is away at Lakota East. Lakota East in one the tougher teams in the GMC so the players must be completely prepared.

Getting ready for games by going through scrimmages is the team is number one priority at the moment.