Chinese field trip celebrates culture


Jacob Englander

A Japanese set of samurai armor, dated to the Tokugawa dynasty. This was the last dynasty under which Samurai existed. Seen below the armor is a Samurai sword.

Jacob Englander, Staff Writer

Chinese students were given quite the treat.  All who chose to participate would leave at 4th bell, and return at the end of the day.  The field trip, consisted of a visit to a museum, followed by lunch.

“The trip was quite enjoyable, and the students behaved themselves.  The exhibit on Ming dynasty art was very interesting and quite beautiful,” teacher Ning Zhang said.

“I’m very happy I went on the field trip.  The art, particularly the Ming vases were very nice.  I’m vegetarian, so I was worried about that, but it was no problem,” freshman
Jasmine Male said. 

After the exhibit, which included both Ming dynasty art, and 11th century Japanese art, students ate at an authentic Chinese restaurant in downtown Cincinnati.

The trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum, as well as Jade’s Chinese, cost 8$ a student.  A bus was provided for transportation.

“I hope to go on more trips like this.  It was a great way to incorporate Chinese class into our daily lives,” sophomore Matthew Shuetz said.