Teaching students head to capital


Right hand picture of teaching students and juniors Abby Bonhaus and Katelyn Young. Upper left photo of group of juniors Liseth Garcia, McKella Varley, Emma Enderle, and Bonhaus. Bottom left picture of students at awards ceremony, same group as listed left above. Photo Courtesy of: Abby Bonhaus

Maddie Marsh, Feature Chief

March 12-13, the teaching class headed off to Columbus, OH for a teaching competition. They competed well and are moving on to nationals which will be held in Washington, D.C. April 22-26.

“I am excited because we get to meet the national teacher of the year,” junior Courtney Koosman said.

The competition is held by the Future Educators of America, or the FEA.

“I am very excited to travel with my peers to D.C to compete and to go sight-seeing,” junior Abby Bonhaus said.

Bonhaus placed third in her competition along with group members juniors Emma Enderle, Liseth Garcia, and McKella Varley.

There were different sections of the FEA competition that students could enter.

“We chose a piece of technology and showed how it improved student learning and the opportunities it gives,” said Koosman.

Others, such as junior Leila Kazemi, gave a speech on teaching. Kazemi placed in the top five for her speech.

“We entered a competition inside our schools where we picked an aspect of our school that enhances student learning. We picked clubs and activities,” said Bonhaus.

Students going on the D.C. trip will have time to sight see and explore the nation’s capital. Some available tours for students are the National Mall tour, which features the Washington Monument, the White House, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, National WWII Memorial, and much more.

There is also an All-in-One tour which features all of the above along with visits to the Pentagon, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the tidal basin, the famous cherry blossom trees, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Capital Hill Tour, the Arlington Cemetery Tour, and more.

Students get to experience the FEA competition, visit with like-minded peers, travel and learn more of the history of D.C. and the United States. The teaching class has a lot to learn and a lot to see for the national FEA competition.