Q & A with junior Amy Bitzer


Amy Bitzer

Junior Amy Bitzer is working to organize Prom Fair. Prom Fair is a tradition that helps kick start prom season. The junior class is always in charge of the prom.

Elizabeth Rickert

Q: Why does student council do Prom Fair?

We do Prom Fair because it is a tradition that was started before I was in student council and it is advertising supporting local stores that sell prom deals.

Q: What businesses will be participating?

I don’t know yet about the businesses but we definitely have Paul Mitchell Salon doing hair and makeup we want Folchi’s Formal Wear and Bridal and Formal for the clothes and we might do something with DSW shoes this year.

Q: What is the ultimate goal?

Goal is to get students to go to the places we are advertising.

Q: Who will be participating?

The people that are participating are all the juniors and seniors in student council. We have a sophomore guy and a senior girls boyfriend in it because didn’t have enough guys. Also we are having administration: Dr. Mack, Mr. Mader, Ms. Hevia, and Mr. Corrattiyil will walk as the “finale”. Mrs. Bare isn’t doing it because it is too close to AP testing which she is organizing.

Q: How do you go about organizing an event like this?

We plan this event by calling the stores and organizing fittings and pick up dates, have them offer deals to SHS students, make a playlist for the students to walk down to and have the MC, Matthew Miller, make a script.

Q: When/ where will it be taking place?

This event takes place during all three lunches on April 24th in the commons.