Students earn trip of lifetime


Zach Fritzhand

Masada, pictured above, is one of the holiest spots in all of Israel. People can either walk up the “snake path” or take a trolley car. The site is thousands of years of age.

All Jewish sophomores entering 11th grade are given a grant by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati to travel to Israel and surrounding locations. This will be some of the kids first time traveling to the Holy Land.

There are several different organizations that the kids can travel with such as NFTY and BBYO. Both are relatively the same but with different kids on each trip.

“I went on the trip two years ago with about 40 other kids from all over the country. Without a doubt, it was the best trip of my life and I hope to go back one day with my family,” senior Spencer Mandell said.

The trip will last one month and kids will be able to experience a trip to the holy land and become closer to their Jewish roots and understand their culture and religion in everyday life.

“Before I went on the trip, I honestly had no idea what Israel was going to be like. The country exceeded my expectations entirely and I really hope to go back there soon, senior Esther Kaplan said.

While in Israel, students will be able to meet Israeli teens, visit the Western Wall, explore the ancient cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, ride a camel, snorkel in the Red Sea, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, Jordan River, and float in the Dead Sea.

“I went to Israel for the first time two summers ago and I went with NFTY. I had no regrets going with them. I will always remember that trip and the people I met,” senior Allie Levine said.

With some of the recent violence in the Middle East, some kids may be skeptical about going to Israel. Israel has one of the best, if not the best, safety and security in the world.