Joining forces

First Showcase explodes from starting blocks


Joshua Glauser

High school runners combine with junior high runners for warm-up drills directed by coach Richard Shomo. The seventh and eighth graders had the opportunity to watch the top high school athletes compete in their events, while the high schoolers had the opportunity to connect with the younger runners. The Showcase will continue as an annual event.

Tori Swart, Broadcast Editor in Chief

A mass of athletes stretched around the junior high track, running warm up laps. Counted together, the high school and junior high programs combined into more than 400 track runners, all gathered to run together in a mock meet.

This Sycamore Showcase, taking place on March 19, was the first of its kind. Athletes were divided into groups, with the junior highers wearing green, freshmen and sophomores wearing yellow, and juniors and seniors wearing black.

“We held this event to bridge the gap between the high school and junior high. Even though we are in a different building, the junior high kids matter to us, and we wanted to let them know that,” coach Hank Ray said.

The programs competed together in front of parents and friends in the stands. During the heats filled with seventh and eighth graders, the high schoolers lined the infield to cheer them on.

“The best part for me was getting to see the potential in the junior high kids, having fun, and getting to know them,” junior Katherine Vorpe said.

Groups also participated in the field events of high jump, long jump, and shot put.

“It was interesting to see how different it is between the high school and the junior high. My favorite moment was when we talked with the junior high athletes about what we can do to get better at high jump,” sophomore Hikari Hatasi said.

The event was informal, with Ray announcing running events over a microphone on the infield and volunteer parents taking times at the finish line. With impending rain, the meet finished with the 1600 meter relay, after cutting out the 800 meter relay, 800 meter run, and 3200 meter run.

“It was a crazy, fanatic, and enjoyable experience to have so many kids represent the Sycamore Track and Field Program. Selfishly, I want to see the kids continuing in track in their high school athletic careers,” Ray said.

The official high school season will begin Apr. 2 with the meet against Loveland, Milford, and Anderson at Loveland High School.