College credit plus offers big opportunities


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The college credit plus classes are based on a 30 of 15 credit plan per student. Each full year of one class, three college credits are automatically transferred to any college in Ohio and with most in the United States. The classes will also be weighted the same as any AP, or advanced placement, course with a GPA boost of one.

Next year students are to be given a new opportunity about the way they get college credit. By filling out the application form and turning it in by April 15, any student can apply.

“I think we really do need more ways for students to get ahead of the game. This sounds like a good way to do that.” sophomore Allison Ferdinand said.

College credit plus is a new form of credit that lets students from grades seven through 12 receive high school and college credit at the same time.

Limited classes are available for college credit plus, and administration is awaiting approval of the list. After approval, classes will be either in the regular class day by regular teachers or on a host college’s campus out of school hours.

“I like that I have this opportunity because it really helps get me prepared for college. I am pumped,” said Ferdinand.

First, students give the application form to their counselor, then apply to the host colleges, which are Cincinnati State, University of Cincinnati , University of Cincinnati Blue Ash, Sinclair Community College and Miami University. Each college has classes and requirements individual for them.

“College credit plus is going to get me some of the credits I deserve. I heard that people often do practically the same required classes in high school and college. That will not be a problem anymore,” said Ferdinand.