Track team truly makes fundraising fun


The athletes sold coupon books to friends and family. The coupon books were online. A card was given to those who purchased a coupon book so they could access the website and use their coupons for places around Cincinnati. Photo by Meghan DiGiovanna.

Megan DiGiovanna, Staff Writer

Rewards and prizes are not something normally associated with raising money but the track team fund raised for a new record board and uniforms for prizes and food.

On March 13 the team got together for a timed hour to sell as many coupon books as possible on teams of runners jumpers and hurdlers who did the same events. Within the hour for each coupon book sold the athletes were awarded prizes.

Prizes included candy, gatorade and for selling 20 coupon books they would receive a free pair of running shoes from Coach Steve Nesters running store Buckeye Running Company. The prizes sparked lots of competition between team mates.

“It was really fun to compete for prizes with my team mates. I had to try to sell coupons to some of my friends before my team mates could first,” freshman Lily Martinson.

The team was fundraising for a new records board to but out by the track to display the new records and achievements they hope to acquire throughout their future seasons as well as much needed new uniforms for next the 2015-16 team.

“I’m really excited about getting the new record board and uniforms I think that will be really cool,” Martinson said.

Although most athletes reached their selling goal within the hour teammates were encouraged to sell more over the next week before the collection date March 23.

“Great job yesterday with the fundraiser let’s finish it strong,” Sycamore track and field tweeted March 14.

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