Mr. Charity: Mr. Sycamore raises money for JDRF


McDaniel's Photography

Last year’s Mr. Sycamore participants perform their group dance to Bye Bye Bye by InSync. The sixth annual event is being held on Friday, April 10. Admission is $5.

The sixth annual Mr. Sycamore is being held this Friday, April 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the little theatre. This is a charity event that will be raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

“JDRF is a charity dedicated to researching a cure for Type One Diabetes. They try to help people with diabetes live a better life,” junior Mackenzie McMullen said.

Mr. Sycamore will be raising money by hosting a male ‘pageant’. Two freshman, two sophomores, three juniors, and three seniors will be participating.

“The guys will be participating in an eating contest, finishing the song game, dance, Q&A, and spirit contest,” head of event Tyler Miller said.

In addition to the evening event, the participants will be walking around on April 10 with jugs asking for donations. The person who raises the most money will be named Mr. Congeniality.

Mr. Congeniality is not the only winner, Mr. Sycamore is the fan favorite chosen by the judges.

“The judges are Mrs. Connie Smith, Mr. Kevin Wittman, Mr. Breen Reardon, and Ms. Meredith Blackmore,” Miller said.