Yoga Club serves up solutions for stress


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The origin of yoga comes from a tradition of the Guru and Chela, or teacher and student. Now, the tradition has developed and spread from what it was thousands of years ago. Yoga now gives students a chance to delve deep and gain control over their minds and bodies.

Emily Chien, Staff Writer

Yet another opportunity for students to become involved and better their wellbeing is here. Yoga Club has meetings every Wednesday in the mirror room. Everyone is welcome to join in the free yoga sessions.

“Yoga Club is really fun and I wish I could go a bit more but sometimes I am too busy. When I can go, it helps me be calmer,” freshman Hannah Rozenson, said.

The practice teaches students to gain a physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Yoga gives a sense of bodily awareness and clears the mind, taking away stress.

“In general, yoga is one of the best stress relievers I know. I like to do it with my friends and I feel like it brings us closer,” Rozenson said.

Spanish teacher, Ms. Meredith Blackmore, runs the club and leads the class. Each week, her goals are to relieve her students of pressure and help them become mentally and physically aware.

“Blackmore is super nice and takes our opinions into account when she teaches. It is a great thing to experience and try out,” Rozenson said.